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Introducing the latest Jet Dyeing Machine from Ningbo Shizhen Machine Co., Ltd. This state-of-the-art machine is designed for steam heating and is capable of processing up to 250kg of knit fabric in one cycle. With its advanced technology and precision control, it ensures efficient and uniform dyeing results, making it the ideal choice for textile and garment manufacturers.

Equipped with innovative features, this Jet Dyeing Machine offers exceptional performance and reliability, while also reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Its user-friendly interface and automated functions streamline the dyeing process, saving time and labor costs for our customers.

At Ningbo Shizhen Machine Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing high-quality, innovative solutions for the textile industry, and our Jet Dyeing Machine is a testament to that commitment. With its cutting-edge design and exceptional functionality, it is the perfect choice for any textile dyeing operation.
  • Jet Dyeing Machine for Knit Fabric - 250kg Steam Heating | Manufacturer in China
  • I recently purchased the Jet Dyeing Machine with steam heating for my textile factory, and I couldn't be more satisfied. This machine is able to handle up to 250kg of knit fabric at once, making it incredibly efficient for large-scale production. The steam heating ensures even dyeing and great color consistency throughout. The machine itself is durable and well-built, giving me confidence in its longevity. The user-friendly interface and smooth operation make it a pleasure to work with. Overall, this Jet Dyeing Machine has significantly improved our dyeing process and I highly recommend it to anyone in the textile industry.
    Mr. Jeff Lu
  • I recently purchased the Jet Dyeing Machine Steam Heating 250kg for dyeing knit fabric, and I must say I am extremely impressed with its performance. The steam heating system ensures fast and efficient dyeing, resulting in vibrant and consistent coloration on the fabric. The machine has a large capacity, allowing me to dye up to 250kg of fabric at once, which is perfect for my production needs. The overall build quality is excellent, and the machine is easy to operate and maintain. I highly recommend this jet dyeing machine for anyone in the textile industry looking for a reliable and high-quality dyeing solution.
    Ms. Tina Sun
Introducing our state-of-the-art Jet Dyeing Machine, designed for steam heating and capable of handling up to 250kg of knit fabric. Our machine is equipped with the latest technology to ensure superior dyeing results while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The steam heating feature ensures even and consistent dyeing across the entire fabric load, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors. The machine's large capacity of 250kg makes it suitable for high-volume production, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective dyeing processes.

Our Jet Dyeing Machine is specifically designed to handle knit fabrics, ensuring gentle treatment of delicate materials while still achieving excellent dye penetration and color uniformity. This makes it an ideal solution for dyeing a wide range of knit fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends.

The machine is also equipped with advanced controls and automation features, allowing for precise and customizable dyeing processes. This not only ensures optimal dyeing results but also reduces the need for manual intervention, improving productivity and consistency.

In addition, our Jet Dyeing Machine is designed with a focus on sustainability, utilizing advanced water and energy-saving technologies to minimize environmental impact. With our machine, you can achieve exceptional dyeing results while operating in an eco-friendly manner.

Overall, our Jet Dyeing Machine with steam heating and a capacity of 250kg is the perfect solution for textile manufacturers looking to achieve superior dyeing results while maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

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