Sample Package Yarn Dyeing Machine Textile Equipment

Introducing our Sample Package Yarn Dyeing Machine Textile Equipment. As a factory, we offer high-quality machinery for efficient yarn dyeing processes.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
1 Year
Transport Package
Standard Export Packing
HS Code
Production Capacity
500PCS Per Month

Product Description

Product DescriptionYarn Dyeing Machines
BS Dyeing Machine
General Information
BS series dyeing machine is ATM jet dyeing machine with the designed capacity ranging from 3 to 700kg and a max. working temperature of 98ºC. It is suitable for dyeing real silk, artificial silk, mercerized cotton, nylon and iBS blended yarns. This machine can be used for yarn dyeing, refining, bleaching, ringing and after treatment. It characterized by short dyeing cycle, low liquor ratio (1:12-15).
The features:
Specially designed main pump 
Main pump is a critical factor for dyeing machine performance. Based on our abundant experience in dyeing machine, we designed a special main pump for BS series dyeing machine. It's a low rotation speed pump and iBS anti-cavitation capability is improved. In traditional designing, water flow is lower when temperature is high, which may impact on the dyeing effect. Not only getting rid of this traditional designing flaw, our newly designed pump also prolonged the service time of the machine. The whole machine is safe and reliable. 
Loading capacity and water flow adjustable, dyeing quality guaranteed. 
The loading capacity of BS series machine can be adjusted. Flow and pressure can be slightly as required by yarn type, yarn count and quantity so as to reach optimized dyeing effect. 
Special designing with first-class quality 
Jetting tube is made of 3mm excellent S.S. During dyeing, the yarns are actually floating ontop of the jetting tubes, the friction between yarns and tubes are thus supper low. The weir flow jetting tube can spray liquor and turn over yarns, which removes the problem of entangling and knotting. Loss rate during dyeing is extremely low.
Basic structure
1.Machine body made of anti-corrosive S.S. 
2.Driving mechanism for yarn-hanging rod. 
3.Flow regulating system. 
4.Large flow with effective circulating main pump. 
5.Operator-friendly feeding system. 
6.Heating/cooling system 
7.Water inlet and drainage pipelines. 
8.Durable yarn-hanging rod. 
Auto control system with computer 
Quantitative feeding system 
Rod bracket mechanism
Technical data
Liquor ratio:1:12---15 
Max. working temperature: 98ºC 
Steam pressure: 5-7kg/cm2. 

Below is our best-sell machines :
(I),  The Atmospheric series:
      Y-Series Box Hank Dyeing Machine; 
      YH-Series Fulfilled Mode Yarn Dyeing Machine; 
      BS-Series Spraying Dyeing Machine; 
      DW,DWR-Series Loose Fiber Drying Machine; 
      ABII-Series Atmospheric Overflow Dyeing Machine; 
      YD-Series Atmospheric Hank-Garment Dyeing Machine; 
      P and YP-Series Elevator Garment Bundle Dyeing Machine; 
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      WD-Series Loose Fiber Drying Machine; Packing Machine; 
      CW,YR-Series Atmospheric Sample Dyeing Machine etc.
(II), High Temperature Series:
      AGS-Series High Temperature and Pressure Vertical Package Dyeing Machine; 
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      GW-Series High Temperature High Pressure Sample Dyeing Machine.
(III), Continue Ribbon Dyeing Machine
(IIII) Fitting dyeing machine
(IIIII) Spare Part for the textile dyeing machine .
Our dyeing machines are suitable for the following textile : 
cotton , nylon, acrylic , acrylic blends yarn , polyester, fibers ,linen ,silk, wood, blends. rayon, staple, sBShetic woven fabric,towel,ribben ,100% cotton/nylon/polyester fabrics,spandex mixed cotton/nylon/polyester fabrics and elastics , viscose (spun Rayon). .etc. 


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