Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine

Get fast and efficient water extraction after jet dyeing with our Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine. We are a reliable factory with top-quality products.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
After-sales Service
10 Years
Inner Drum Material
Outer Drum Material
Frequency Control
Operation Box
Way of Installation
Hard Mounted, Fixed
Drum Diven
by Belt
Invert Control
Is Able to Add Extra to Reduce Start Current
Is Able to Add Extra
Cover Material
Electricity Parts
Transport Package
Wooden Case
HS Code
Production Capacity
100 Sets Every Two Monthes

Product Description

Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine

Hydro Extractor after Jet Dyeing Machine
The manufacture of TL series of industrial dewatering machine, Hydro Extractor, Yarn Hydro Extractor, Dewatering Machine Dehydrator, Yarn Fabric Hydro Extractor, Yarn Package Hydro Extractor, Automatic Hydro Extractor for Yarn Package, Hydro Extractor For Yarn Dyeing adopts frequency control, dedicated direct-driven motor and super-accurate balancing technology. 

The machine enjoys a compact structure, large capacity, low energy consumption, high degree of automation and other characteristics. They are designed with improved timing, earthquake-proof and safety control system.

 The machines can be used by all textile industries for starching, bleaching, printing, dyeing and washing.

Specification A :  Rubber Belt Driven Type Hydro Extractor Machine  
model   motor power drum dimension overall  dimension(mm) weight   (KG)
TL500 (50kg)   1.5KW   Φ 500   Φ 950*600   300
TL600 (60kg )   2.2KW   Φ 600   Φ 1220*700   500
TL800 (90kg)   4KW   Φ 800   Φ 1720*840   800
TL1000(120kg)   5.5KW   Φ 1000   Φ 1830*840   1400
TL1200 (210kg)   7.5KW   Φ 1200   Φ 2100*1050   1800
TL1500(350kg)   8KW   Φ 1500   Φ 2550*1400   2100
TL1800(650kg)   12KW   Φ 1800   Φ 2700*1560   2300

Specification B : Motor Directly Driven Type  Hydro Extractor  With Invert Controller 
SME301-1000 5.5kw 5.5kw 1000mm*450 200 1400*850 1500
SME301-1200 7.5 7.5 kw Ф1200×550 300 Ф1800×900 2200
SME301-1500 10 11kw Ф1500×680 550 2550×1950×2400 2800
SME301-1800 12 15kw Ф1800×760 900 3100×2450×2800 3400
SME-2000 18.5KW 18.5KW Ф2000*900 1100 3600*2970*1500 4000
TL series Specially designed hydro extractor for packages meets the always major needs in yarn package dye houses.The driving motor is controlled by inverter with its separative factors adjustable and braking adaptable according to the load.All mechanical braking system are eliminated and therefore excluding eventual maintenance works.

The machine is characterized by the double and automatic interchangeable material carriers for packages which is controlled by advanced PLC controller and imposes a constant and regular production rate according to the type of yarn. While one material carrier for packages is inside the hydro extractor, a second material carrier permits an operator to carry out, in an easy way, all the unloading and loading of packages, thus preparing the machine for a successive production cycle.

The machine lifting and whirligig system adopts the hydraulic control for automatic orientation with precise safety.

The rotating basket is equipped with housings for the accommodation of packages during hydro extraction while the spindles of the package carrier are adopted according the needs of the client. And the speed of hydro extractor can be adjusted. Thus assure a mild treatment to the yarn and avoids the deformation of packages further to breakage of the internal tubes.

The inner basket and the body of the machine are constructed in high quality stainless steel for long serve time.

Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine

Hydro Extractor after Jet Dyeing Machine

Why choose us?
1.We are the factory of laundry equipment,we own a professional team which is skillful on laundry washing machines.
2.Our main products are Washer Extractor(15KG to 150KG),Tumble Dryer(15KG to 120KG),Ironing Machine,Folder and Drying Cleaning Machine,Ironing table which are used in industry washing shop,laundry shop for commercial,school etc.
3.All the sales are online 24 hours,because it is easy to help every customer answer the question
4.We have agent in the world,if you want to be the next one,do not hesitate and looking forward to your inquiry.
5 On Line Video Instructure to help with installation of the machine will be offred

Service System
Pre-Sale Service
Before the order is confirmed, we will provide free laundry layout and all the consultation about the product.
Sale Service
1). In-depth Design
When the order is confirmed, we will communicate with the professional staff from the buyer's part and discuss the indepth drawing design. Besides, we will provide the whole laundry factory layout design for free. The design scheme will be including equipment installation drawing about foundation, water inlet, drainage, air input and output, compressed air and electricity.
2). Installation
All the machines are well tested before we delivery the machines to the operator 
When the equipment arrive to the buyer, we will send our technical staffs to provide field installation guidance and any other necessary help to ensure proper and standard installation.
3). Testing
After installation, our staff will help our customer to test the machine and check all the technical index, function, specification of the machine. Also we will comprehensively eliminate all the possible human-caused damage or troubles during installation to make sure the machine will operate in its best condition.
4). Operation Training 
Before the machine is put into use, we will provide operation training to ensure the operators from the buyer's part can work independently. The training includes proper operation, safe startup, smooth operation, proper washing, linen check and categorization and machine maintenance. Also we will help operators to learn the right way to save water, energy and emergent stop operation.

After-Sale Service
  Full set of  Installation and Operation Manual will be sent together with the machines ,and we are also able to offer online instructure 
 Operation Video will also be sent together with the machines 

2) If you need   we are able to send engineer to the work site to help you to train the operator and also to instruct the installation 

Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine
Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing MachineHydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing MachineHydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing MachineHydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine
Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing MachineHydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine

Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine

Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine

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Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine
Hydro Extractor After Jet Dyeing Machine
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