High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
1 Year
After-sales Service
24 Hours Technical Support by Email, Call, Video
Applicable Scope
Dyeing, Bleaching, Washing and Post-Treatment
Stirring Heating, Water Inlet, Reflux and Feeding
Effective Length
Spray Tube Hanging Yarn
Semi-Automatic Dyeing Machine
Transport Package
Standard Package or Nude Package Customized
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description


Product Description

The Airflow Atomization Dyeing Machine adopts the aerodynamic theory, it injects  the mixed air which is made from blower  into the Nozzle of the dyeing machine to run the fabic. The main difference between airflow dyeing machine and  traditional overflow dyeing machine is that the former needs neither dyeing liquor nor water to run the  fabric. During  dyeing process, the air come from blower go into the Nozzles and meet with the dyeing liquor transported by the main pump  Nozzle. So that the dyeing liquor is atomized and sprayed to the fabric which is going through the Nozzles, and then it carries the fabric  running.Consequently,  the fabric will  get  best dyed. There is no unwelcome crease mark.
High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate

Standard Configuration

1. The Special designed nozzle, fabric roller and three-phase motor, inverter controlled.
2. Equipped with fabric plaiter,frequency controlled  by inverter.
3. The  3-phase motor blower is controlled by inverter.
4. The  3-phase motor circulating pump is controlled by inverter.
5. Independent control of fabric circulating and the seam detector is equipped in each tube.
6. Cotton/wool  filter.
7. Rational  dosing  device  and  the device for temperature  modulating  increase and decrease.
8. Dosing tank, equipped with  dosing pump.
9. Unloading fabric winch driven by  motor .
10. High efficiency  exchanger.
11. Full auto  control,  SETEX  controller.
12. Double inletting and draining.
13.Hot drain
14. Analogue water level control system.

High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate

Technical data accessories

1.Its no need to  change  the equipment.Any kind of knitted fabric, woven fabric and  blended  fabric can be bleached and dyed.
2. Extremely low  liquor ratio: 1:3. Compared to  traditional dyeing machine, it saves more than 50%  water, and also it saves  chemicals dyestuffs and auxiliares.
3. Excellent  dyeing effect, The atomized  air  blows the fabric to keep,  the fabric  running state being  changed continuously to decrease  creases.
4. The unique rinsing way by spraying  fresh water allows  short  processing  time with  best  rinsing  effect.
5. The fabric is running by air dynamic without hydraulic  pressure  and  dyeing in saturated air accordingly.   
6. High  effciency heating system saves process time and ensures uniform water and steam  pressure.
No.of.Tubes 1 2 3 4 6 Note
Capacity(kg) 250 500 750 1000 1500 dry fabric water filling
Ratio cotton 1:3~1:4 1:3~1:4 1:3~1:4 1:3~1:4 1:3~1:4 dry fabric water filling
polyester 1:2~1:3 1:2~1:3 1:2~1:3 1:2~1:3 1:2~1:3  
Power blower 22 45 55 75 110
Main pump 7.5 7.5 11 11 15
Fabric  loading 2.2 2.2*2 2.2*3 2.2*4 2.2*6
Fabric  cutputling 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.1
Plaiter 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 1.1
Dosing 2.2 2.2 2.2 4 4
Total power 35 60.4 76.3 100.65 144.4  
Fabric  loading speed 100-700M/min
Temperature increasing  speed(average) 6ºC/min steam pressure>0.5MPa
Temperature decreasing  speed(average) 8ºC/min cooling water pressure>0.2MPa
High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to OperateHigh Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate  


Optional accessories

1.The Airflow atomization dyeing machine is suitable for all kinds of fabrics which can be dyed in  traditional dyeing machine, especially  for the  fabric of high-quality and particular . Such as follows:
2. Single-side  spandex elastic fabric with yarn added.
3. Fine and high gsm . Plain cloth.
4. Fine  density  pure cotton terry knitted fabric.
5. Tight double gossamer mesh fabric .
New  controller and  panel  design

1.SETEX  controller
2.Interfaces to all central dosing  system.
3. Inverter controlled directly by controller.
4.Well organized structure.
5.Easy operation  and maintenance.

High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate
Size Specifications                  A                    B C D
DG-YLJ-1 5167 4286 655 3755
DG-YLJ-2 6346 4286 655 3755
DG-YLJ-3 7524 4286 655 3755
DG-YLJ-4 9200 4286 655 3755
DG-YLJ-5 11556 4286 655 3755

Packing & Delivery

High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate


High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate

Company Profile

High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate

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    Nantong Donggeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in taoyuan industrial zone, rugao software park, the longevity town, located in nantong city, north of the Yangtze river in the Yangtze river delta.The company specializes in the manufacture and development of textile printing and dyeing machinery equipment, is a private scientific and technological enterprise in jiangsu province and a high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province, enjoying a good reputation among peers in the industry.

   Company has dyeing and mechanical industry more than technical staff, strong technical force, excellent processing equipment, advanced product technology, detection means complete, stable quality, reliable performance, products in addition to satisfy the masses of customers at home and abroad, also exported to other countries and regions of the world, with excellent quality, high-quality perfect after-sales service, wins the general customers trust and praise.

   Specialized in high temperature, room temperature yarn dyeing machine development and manufacturing enterprises.Engaged in this field has more than 30 years of history, the main products are series of high temperature and high pressure DGHKS jet Hank dyeing machine, DGCKS series high temperature and high pressure cheese dyeing machine, DGAKS series of atmospheric pressure jet Hank dyeing machine, the bobbin DGRDKS high-speed dryer, DGSKS high temperature and high pressure vacuumalready set machine DGTYD tunnel Hank dryers and other products, is the domestic and foreign dyeing manufacturers the ideal choice.

   The company is willing to first-class products and excellent after-sales service for new and old customers at home and abroad.

High Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine Is Easy to Operate

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