Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment

Get top-quality Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for waste water treatment from our factory. We offer innovative solutions for effective water treatment.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Physical Treatment
Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital, Urban
Treatment Capacity
Dissloved Gas Water
Dynamo Powder
Foam Scraper Power
Air Compressor Power
Wastewater,Sewage,Effluent Purification Recycle
Use for
Papermaking ,Slaughterhouse,Textile,Dyeing
Carbon Steel,Stain Steel ,FRP,PE,PP
Steel Plate Thickness
Service Life
30 Years
220V/ 380V/ Customerized
Remove Ss Codcr BOD
Transport Package
Standard Exporting Packing
HS Code
Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
230.00cm * 160.00cm * 200.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description


Product Description

Dissolved air flotation is suitable for the treatment of small and mediium-sized industrial wastewater and urban comprehensive sewage.It is used to remove suspended solids,grease and various colloids in sewage.It can also recycle useful substances.Dissolved air flotation can effectively remove SS,and CODcr.
Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment

Detailed Photos

Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment

Product Advantage

Large capacity,high efficency and small footprint.
Simple structure,easy to use and maintain.
Sludge bulking can be eliminated.
Remove surfactants and odors in water,increse dissolved oxygen in water,provide favorable conditions for subsquent treatment.
Good effect on low temperature,low turbidity and algae water.

Working Principles

Pollutants in sewage can be divided into soluble organic matter and insoluble substance (SS). Under certain conditions, soluble organic matter can be transformed into non-soluble substance. One of the methods of sewage treatment is to add coagulants and flocculants so that most of the soluble organic matter can be transferred into insoluble substance. Then all or most of the non-solution soluble substances (SS) are removed to achieve the purpose of sewage purification, and the main method of SS removal is to use the method of air flotation.

After the dosing reaction, the sewage enters the mixing zone of the air float and mixes with the dissolved air water after release. The air dissolved in the water is released from the water and forms 20-40um tiny bubbles, which makes the flocculant adhere to the tiny bubbles and then enters the air float zone. Under the action of air buoyancy, the flocs float to the water surface and form scum. After the lower level of clean water flows to the clear pool through the water collector, part of the water flows back to be used as dissolved gas, and the rest of the clean water flows out through the overflow port. After the scum on the surface of the air float tank accumulates to a certain thickness, the scum is scraped into the air float sludge tank by the scraper and discharged.
Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment

Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment



Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment
Scene photo
Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment

Product Parameters


Model Capacity(m3/h) Dissolved gas water (m3/h) Main dynamo powder (kw) Foam scraper power (kw) Air compressor power (kw) Air compressor model no. Fresh water pump type Dissolived air tank size(mm) Overall dimension(mm)
GSRF-5 4-5 1.5-2 3 0.75 1.5 v-0.1/8 11/2G25-1 Φ400*1000 2800*2100*2200
GSRF-10 8-10 2-3 3 0.75 1.5 v-0.14/7 11/2GC-5*2 Φ500*1512 3700*2100*2200
GSRF-15 10-16 3-4 3 0.75 1.5 v-0.14/7 11/2GC-5*2 Φ500*1512 4500*2400*2300
GSRF-20 15-20 5-7 7.5 1.1 1.5 v-0.14/7 2GC-5*2 Φ500*1512 4650*2400*2300
GSRF-30 20-30 6-10 7.5 1.1 1.5 v-0.14/7 21/2GC-5*2 Φ500*1512 5840*2700*2300
GSRF-40 30-40 8-13 7.5 1.1 1.5 v-0.14/7 21/2GC-6*2 Φ600*1880 6800*2700*2300
GSRF-50 40-50 15-20 7.5 1.5 2.2 v-0.14/7 IS65-40-200 Φ600*1880 7500*2900*2300
GSRF-60 50-60 18-27 7.5 1.5 2.2 v-0.14/7 IS65-40-200 Φ600*1880 8500*2900*2300
GSRF-80 70-80 24-32 7.5 1.5 2.2 v-0.14/7 IS80-65-160 Φ650*2304 9300*3520*2300
GSRF-105 90-105 30-35 15 1.5 3 v-0.36/7 IS80-50-200 Φ700*1980 11750*4400*2300
GSRF-150 125-150 60-80 22 2.2 3 v-0.36/7 IS150-80-400 Φ800*1980 12100*5600*2300
GSRF-200 175-200 80-100 22 3 4 v-0.36/7 IS150-80-400 Φ800*2100 12400*7600*2860
GSRF-250 225-250 100-120 22 3 4 v-0.36/7 IS150-80-400 Φ800*2400 14700*7600*2860
GSRF-300 280-300 120-180 37 3 5.5 v-0.67/7 IS150-125-400B Φ1000*2900 19100*7600*3150
Company Profile
Qingdao Oyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is established in Qingdao High-tech Zone. It is an engineering technology enterprise with a professional R&D team and rich experience in pollution control. By using the Internet and advanced detection technology, the company integrates design, construction, engineering, operation and management with the development of smart city, realizes the informatization and digitalization of pollution control, and forms a complete set of waste gas and wastewater treatment system and environmental housekeeping management system.

The company's main products: Integrated sewage treatment equipment, domestic sewage treatment equipment, buried sewage treatment equipment, air flotation machine, industrial sewage treatment equipment, belt filter press, sludge dewatering machine, vacuum filter, rural sewage treatment equipment, Hospital sewage treatment equipment, slaughter sewage treatment equipment, coal mine sewage treatment equipment and other environmental protection equipment.

Products are widely used in domestic industrial and mining enterprises, living quarters, urban and rural areas, food, petrochemical, papermaking, breeding and slaughtering, leather, textile, printing and dyeing, hospitals, hotels and other fields.
Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment


Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment
Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment
Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment


Flat Flow Air Flotation Machine for Waste Water Treatment


1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer, specializes in producing waste water treatment equipments for more than 10 years.

2.This is my first time to import, i do not know the process, how should i do?
Don't worry about that, we'll help you deal with the whole process.
We have different country shipping agent, if you are the first time to import, they will be professional and give you the best price and deal with everything of transport. They will supply custom clearance and transportation service from the destination port to your stock

3.Could you accept the customized ?
Of course, we have professional engineer to design and provide customized severce.

4: Do you provide OEM service?
Yes.We provide OEM and ODM service.

5: Do you offer After-Sales service?
Yes,please conatct our online sales manager for more information.

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