Fabric Overflow Dyeing Machines

Fabric Overflow Dyeing Machines- the best choice for reliable and efficient dyeing. We are a factory specializing in fabric dyeing equipment.
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Basic Info.

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Production Capacity
500PCS Per Month

Product Description


Product Description

Fabric Dyeing Machines
AGBI Series--H.T.&H.P. fabric Overflow Dyeing Machines

Structure Features 
1 circulation, ideal dyeing effect. 
With a maximum speed of 360m/min, fabrics move fast inside the chamber. The liquor is meanwhile separated effectively so as to enhance the circulation of fabrics and liquor. The homogenous dyeing liquor infiltrates into fabrics frequently which resulBS in a better dyeing effect. 
2 Double nozzles transit the cloth in overflowing model,reach favorable dyeing effect. 
The unique designing of the overflow nozzle works together with the fabric-lifting wheel to drive the fabric moving. Fabrics float inside the nozzle in a natural manner. Fuzzy BSain problem is thus avoided. 
3 Innovative fabric accumulator with large capacity and low liquor ratio 
The innovative fabric accumulator is designed in a curve shape with Teflon tubes distributed at the bottom of the chamber. This designing allows a bigger space for larger capacity and smoother fabric movement. At the same time, this innovative designing can secondarily separate the liquor from fabrics. The dyeing liquor is thus circulated faster and a lower liquor ratio is achieved.

Standard structure and parBS 
1 Machine body made of anti-corrosive high quality S.S. 
2 Fabric lifting system with inverter, 50-360m/min. 
3 Circular dual-BSade nozzle. 
4 Fabric-liquor separating and collecting system. 
5 Effective S.S. centrifugal pump with mechanical seal 
6 Main pump speed inverter or flow regulating valve 
7 Pneumatic valve controls heating, cooling, water inlet, outlet and ringing. 
8 Heat exchanger. 
9 Internal cleaning system 
10 Water level indicator 
11 Operator-friendly feeding system. 
12 Main control panel equipped with advanced micro-processer 
13 Working platform 
14 Fabric unloading device. 
15 Main body pressurizing and depressurizing system. 
Seam detector 
Quantitative feeding system with feeding pump 
Proportional heating and cooling system 
Secondary water inlet and outlet. 
Fabric unloading device with plaiter 
Hot water tank

Technical data 
Max. working pressure
Max. working temperature
3.5ºC/min (25--130ºC, 7bar steam.) 
Cooling rate: 2.5ºC/min (130--80ºC, 3bar cooling water pressure). 
Below is our best-sell machines :

(I),  The Atmospheric series:
      Y-Series Box Hank Dyeing Machine; 
      YH-Series Fulfilled Mode Yarn Dyeing Machine; 
      BS-Series Spraying Dyeing Machine; 
      DW,DWR-Series Loose Fiber Drying Machine; 
      ABII-Series Atmospheric Overflow Dyeing Machine; 
      YD-Series Atmospheric Hank-Garment Dyeing Machine; 
      P and YP-Series Elevator Garment Bundle Dyeing Machine; 
      FDR-Series High Efficiency and Saving Energy Yarn Drying Machine. 
      WD-Series Loose Fiber Drying Machine; Packing Machine; 
      CW,YR-Series Atmospheric Sample Dyeing Machine etc.

(II), High Temperature Series:
      AGS-Series High Temperature and Pressure Vertical Package Dyeing Machine; 
      AGJ-Series High Temperature High Pressure Spray Dyeing Machine; 
      AGBI-Series High Temperature High Pressure Overflow Dyeing Machine; 
      AGBII-Series High Temperature High Pressure Overflow Dyeing Machine; 
      YGS-Series High Temperature Yarn Braising Machine; 
      GW-Series High Temperature High Pressure Sample Dyeing Machine.

(III), Continue Ribbon Dyeing Machine
(IIII) Fitting dyeing machine
(IIIII) Spare Part for the textile dyeing machine .
Our dyeing machines are suitable for the following textile : 
cotton , nylon, acrylic , acrylic blends yarn , polyester, fibers ,linen ,silk, wood, blends. rayon, staple, sBShetic woven fabric,towel,ribben ,100% cotton/nylon/polyester fabrics,spandex mixed cotton/nylon/polyester fabrics and elastics , viscose (spun Rayon). .etc. 


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