Excellent Functions Desizing Agent dB-1011

Discover the exceptional desizing power of Factory's Excellent Functions Desizing Agent dB-1011. Our advanced formula delivers superior results for all your desizing needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Product Description

Special Properties

Can eliminate polyester acryl on the fabrics slurry quickly, with superior ability preventing slurry re-contaminated, and reduce slurry and color spot in dyeing and printing
Can emulsifying and eliminating finish oil and waxiness on the fabrics and keep the processing equipment clean
With excellent functions of de-sizing, refinement, and penetration, and suitable for triad treatment process of desizing, refinement and decrement of polyester fabrics, make technological process shorten, enhance efficiency and save cost

Technical Indexes

Chemical Composition    surfactant compounds anionic/nonionic
Physical Appearance: light yellowish viscose liquid
Water solubility: easily soluble in water
Stability: resistance to acid, strong alkaline, H.T., and oxidant
Storage: can be stored for 12 months in closed container and under normal temperature after EX factory

Application TDS and Process

Suitable for intermittent and continuous de-sezing and refinement, especially suitable for fast processing of fabrics, and the dosage should be adjusted as per structure and materials of fabrics and yarn.
(1). Dipping process
M-1011: 1~3% (o.w.f)
Soda (100%):1~2% (o.w.f)
Bath ratio: 1:15
Temp: above 95°C
Time: 40 min
(2). Padding-steaming process
Soda: 7~2g/L
Padding solution rate: 65~70%
Steaming temp: 98~102 °C
Steaming: 5~40 min

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