China Top Rank QC12y-8X3200mm Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine

Looking for a reliable hydraulic plate shearing machine? Our factory offers the China Top Rank QC12y-8X3200mm model. Get precise cutting and high efficiency.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Machinery & Hardware
Type for Pipe and Tube Bending Machine
Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Shearing Machine
Cutting Thickness
Transport Package
Anhui Maanshan
HS Code
Production Capacity
255 PCS/Year

Product Description

Accurl Hydraulic Swing Beam Plate Shearing Machine

The hydraulic swing beam shear is the perfect solution for cutting sheet metal with thicknesses between 4mm and 6000mm.The hydraulic swing beam shear can handle the large dimensions required in tube and roll forming manufacturing lines.Besides handing large dimensions,the hydraulic swing beam shear can also be configured for piercing and blanking.Here at Accurl,we guarantee that we can provide you with the hydraulic shear that will get the job done.

China Top Rank QC12y-8X3200mm Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine

Standard Components
Frame produced in China by ACCURL accurately dimensioned through FEA
Multi-edge blades for cutting aluminum,carbon steel ,and stainless steel
Cutting=line illumination and wire for shadow-line cutting
Stroke counter
Quick cutting-length adjustment
Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
Squaring arm and front support arms
Bed infill plates with ball transfers
Delta inverter with ball screw and polished rod with 0.01 mm accuracy
Backgauge adjustment according to blade gap
Backgauge retraction feature
Sub-program and programming loop
Sequence repeat function
Auto-cutting(Flying cut)
China Top Rank QC12y-8X3200mm Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine
                        Machine CONTROL


Brand: Estun E21 NC control

Original: China

The ACCURL® Estun E21 NC control  provides a complete and compact shear control application. Including backgauge control, gap control and stroke length limitation this state of the art electronics based unit makes a versatile solution.
                               Main Features



Original: ACCURL

The ACCURL®   cnc hydraulic shearing machine  is equipped with cylinders which press on the metal sheet with an automatically regulate-able pressure which varies according to the pressure required by the thickness and consistency of the material to be cut.
China Top Rank QC12y-8X3200mm Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine
China Top Rank QC12y-8X3200mm Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine
                           Machine Parts



Original: CHINA

The ACCURL®  cnc hydraulic shearing machine is equipped with a hydraulic system capable of simplifying the operator's work enormously and to facilitate all the adjustments necessary for obtaining the best quality cut. Made up of the highest quality, all European, components, the hydraulic unit is a guarantee of long life for the machine as.

Optional Equipment
DELEM DAC 310 CNC Control
Pneumatic Sheet Supporting System
Table Mounted Sheet Angle Cutting Gauge
CNC Control with input of Plate Thickness
Type  Cut           Thickness Cut  Length Shear  Angle SPM  Back Gauge Throat Depth Main Motor Net Weight Outline Size (L*W*H)
mm mm Degree min-1 mm mm kw kg mm
MS7-4*2500 4 2500 1°30' ≥22 600 100 5.5 4650 3300*1600*1700
MS7-4*3200 4 3200 1°30' ≥18 600 100 7.5 4950 3950*1600*1700
MS7-4*4000 4 4000 1°30' ≥12 600 100 7.5 6900 4600*1705*1600
MS7-6*2500 6 2500 1°30' ≥16 600 120 7.5 5140 3150*1500*1600
MS7-6*3200 6 3200 1°30' ≥12 600 120 7.5 6250 4000*1700*1800
MS7-6*4000 6 4000 1°30' ≥10 600 120 7.5 8520 4650*1700*1800
MS7-6*6000 6 6000 1°30' ≥7 600 120 11 17000 6780*2450*2100
MS7-8*2500 8 2500 1°30' ≥14 600 120 7.5 5900 3180*1680*1700
MS7-8*3200 8 3200 1°30' ≥12 600 120 7.5 6500 4000*1800*1850
MS7-8*4000 8 4000 1°30' ≥10 600 120 11 7360 4680*1800*1850

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